Saturday, 12 March 2011

It's the weekend :-)

Is my blog slipping?? Nah, of course it's not, i'm just running a little bit behind today as i've been helping out on a photoshoot with hubby. Good shoot it was to, a bit chilly once the sun went in brrrrr.

so today's food is... Whatever you like....ha ha ha, not literally, but whatever you like from the food plans, you can mix and match and eat whatever foods you fancy.. I am having pork with black bean sauce, i've had cereal for breakfast and pitta and hummus for lunch..

Tomorrow i'm having...

Porridge for brekkie

Mushroom soup

Tesco light choice lasagne with mixed salad

Tea and toast

Sunday's are hard diet days, i always make a ubber fattening pudding on a Sunday, not for me but for everyone else.. We are having pavlova tomorrow.. as for me...mmmmmm, i think i'll have a low fat yoghurt.. whoop,

Home made Pavlova...sticky sticky meringue..yum yum yum....

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