Thursday, 17 March 2011

it's nearly the weekend

So here we are again, another week has nearly passed and the weekend is almost upon us.

Not much happened this week.. Same old really.. quite boring to be honest with you... So gonna keep it short and sweet and post my food plan for tomorrow...

here it is:

2 weetabix
4 floz's Milk

Tuna sandwich
2 slices of wholemeal bread
3oz's Tuna drained
1 tbs light mayo
mixed Salad leaves
Make the sarnie and eat it.. Yum yum yum

'cos i like it it's gonna be Turkey Burger
4 1/2 oz' minced Turkey
1 oz chopped red onion
1 grind of pepper
1 pinch of mixed herbs or any herbs of your choice
1 egg white

Combine the turkey mince with the onion,egg white and seasoning.
Shape into burgers and cook under a pre heated grill for around 8 mins on each side until cooked
enjoy with a large plate of salad...

2 mandarins
1 low fat yoghurt
1 apple
Eat these when yer like :-)

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