Saturday, 19 March 2011


It's been a lovely,lovely sunny day today..Still chilly but sunny. We took the dogs (2 black labs) for a two mile walk. Marley (who is normally naughty) was so well behaved he just stayed at our sides throughout, Bob on the other hand, did his own thing. I think he thought he was working... you see he used to be a sniffer dog, he worked for 4 1/2 years sniffing out bombs and stuff, he now lives with us..

Ermmm the reason for the primrose picture is quite simple - I Like Them and have them in my garden. I remember as a child that could see hundreds of primroses in the woods, not so much now though and that's quite sad :-( I remember as a 8-9 year old, going to local woods with friends and picking bunches of primroses and trying to sell them to old people... I don't think we had many buyers to be honest... Oh and before you we didn't pull up the plant, we just picked the flowers...

Exercise for this week...
3 runs and 1 walk = 15miles not bad eh.. :-)

Right food for Sunday is:

Cheese on toast
1 slice of wholemeal bread
1oz low fat cheese

I don't really need to tell you how to make cheese on toast..

Cheese and tomato sandwich
2 slices of Wholemeal bread
2Oz's low fat cheese ( red cow is low fat, don't taste to bad either)
4 cherry tomatoes
mixed salad leaves
1/2 teaspoon low fat mayo

Roast pork dinner.

1/2 baked potato
4 oz grilled pork chop
portion of broccoli
portion of asparagus
3 tbs of gravy

1 low fat yoghurt
1 satsuma
1 pear

eat these whenever :-) I have posted quite a few ideas and suggestions for food, so if you don't fancy this, have whatever you like from previous posts...

And don't forget to drink lots and lots of water...

Have a happy Sunday

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