Monday, 28 February 2011

day 6

Day six and it's still going well, i'm not even feeling hungry..
Here's the food plan..



1 1/2 oz Fruit and Fibre..
4 floz Milk
Low fat yoghurt


200 ml soup of your choice, i'm having lentil and bacon, it's a large tin so will either share with hubby or have rest for lunch the following day.

Dinner: - Turkey Burger

4 1/2 oz Mince Turkey
1 oz chopped red onion
1 egg white
Pinch of mixed, any herbs will do
squirt of tomato puree
pinch of salt and loads of pepper (i love pepper)
1oz low fat cheese.. place on top of burger when burgers are cooked.

combine all the ingredients, roll mince into burger shapes and griddle or grill, what ever you prefer.. I'm making largish burgers which will take approx 8 mins each side to cook.

Serve with a nice mixed Salad...

A nice large cup of tea and a slice of wholemeal toast.. I don't have it with butter just a thin spread of low fat Jam.. feels like a real treat :-)

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