Friday, 25 February 2011


Ok so i didn't have the Ben & Jerry's frozen Phat Phish frozen yoghurt.. I know it's not diet food and although I tried kidding myself it was ok, the children told me otherwise. How can Frozen yoghurt with marshmellow and biscuit bits be good for dieting?? I did try and convince them that i would not have eaten the nice bits and just stuck to the yoghurt but was not convincing enough...Then again, could they have just wanted it to themselves... mmm who

so we had the Fruity curry for dinner, yes all of us....Verdict.. Thomas (18) really enjoyed, i think Amy liked it too, Hannah (15) was not to keen, she ate the chicken but left the rest... Oh well, never mind.. Me and Alan liked it... I did serve Nan breads and poppadums with the curry to fill it out a bit..

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