Saturday, 26 February 2011

Day 4

It's still only Saturday but i'd thought i'd get a step ahead on my food plan

I'm really hoping it's gonna be a dry day tomorrow It would be nice to take the boys for a nice long walk before getting stuck in the kitchen cooking dinner and making puddings.. No pudding for me :-(

2 slices of wholemeal toasted bread teasppoon of low fat spread 1 tsp low fat peanut butter

200ml bowl of soup of your choice, i'm having Lentil and bacon...It's a large tin so i'll have the rest tomorrow..
2 slices of wholemeal soup
1 yoghurt - everyone else will be having either homemade lemon meringue or banoffe today so i think i'll save my yoghurt for my pudding... don't want to feel left out eh!

Dinner: Pork chop dinner 40z lean pork chop
2oz's carrot

1 tbs apple sauce

brocolli - normal portion size
aspargus -
4 stalks
1 small baked potato
3tbs gravy

grill the chop and cook the veg like you normally would serve and Enjoy ..

2 Ryvita 1 tbs reduced fat hummus

I hope the next couple of pictures are not going to tempt you into eating some calorific pudding today, they wont' bother me in the slightest..

One of the two pudding's i'm making today..

Won't be having any of this, then again to be honest i'm not a pudding person..

Won't be having any of this i bothered?? Not in the slightest - I make puddings but i'm not really one for eating them.

I shall stick to my little pot of low fat yoghurt and enjoy..:-_

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