Wednesday, 6 April 2011

not forgotten

What a lovely day here in Dover, sun is shining and it's really quite warm... I love it when the sun shines.. :-)

I have not been blogging recently, it's not that i have forgotten, i'ts more that i could not be bothered... I have been tooooo toooo busy... :-( I am still on a diet..well ok, not so much a diet but more healthy eating than anything, i have cut out the daily bag of crips, the biscuits and all the other rubbish... My food portions are more controlled and hubby and me are running plenty.. 5 miles 3 times a week along with walks with the dogs at the weekend.... So whilst i'm not losing shed loads of weight, i'm not too bothered about it. To be honest, i've not got a lot to lose, if i had I don't know, say 3 stone, i'd be losing 3 or so pounds a week.. I could do with losing 1/2 maybe but that extra 7lbs is my choice, it's not as if i need to lose it, i've lost the christmas pounds i gained so that suits me just fine.. Besides with running, i'm probably staying the same weight as it's muscle i'm building, so muscle weighs more than fat....doesn't it?? My weight is the same as the last two weigh in's so no point broadcasting it...

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